mallory + lisle

I've been an "adult" for almost a year. And I use the term adult loosely since I still struggle to put my dishes in the dishwasher after I finish eating and I still keep clean laundry in the dryer and just fluff the clothes instead of folding them. Anyways, as an "adult" I've found that, after you leave your hometown and college town, it becomes increasingly difficult to find friends who you can really identify with, that just get you. Especially when you're in limbo between college life and having babies. But meeting sweet Mallory was like meeting an old friend all over again. She emailed me several weeks ago and told me her and Lisle's (say it like Lyle, spelled like aisle) long distance love story, and I knew that we would click right away. I was a little nervous about the weather holding up for us, but we thankfully made it to all three locations before it started pouring on us and these two lovely people didn't even bat an eyelash when the thunderclouds started rolling in. They are sweet, hilarious, and so adorably in love. Thanks for being great and for quoting Jimmy Fallon for the majority of the session. "EEEEWH."