heyser wedding

I think December 12, 2015 was the day I set the record for checking a weather app the most in a 12 hour period. Chris and Jacklynn had planned a beautiful wedding at The Zedler Mill in Luling, Texas with a ceremony on the river. Swoon. But then, the rain. Oh, the rain. It poured on and off all day long and I nearly had a mild heart attack. But Jacklynn happened to be the most calm bride in the history of weddings. She didn't bat one perfectly curled eyelash at the sound of the rain and just kept on playing with their puppy and saying "Y'all, all this girly stuff is so much fun!" while getting ready. Seriously, too perfect.

Ten minutes before the ceremony, we made the call: indoor ceremony. And then eight minutes later, the father of the bride made the best call: everyone head outside and don't bother sitting down because the benches are wet, but we are going to get the outdoor ceremony the bride wants gosh-darnit. And then about five minutes later in the shortest and sweetest ceremony, Chris and Jacklynn were married! 

I'm just the most grateful for these two. It's really the highest honor to me to be asked to photograph a wedding. And to be asked by two loving, hysterical, and fun people like the Heysers just makes it all the better. Cheers to you, Chris and Jacklynn!


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