broadway wedding

Laura and I have been chatting for over a year now. When she first contacted me about shooting her and Charlie's wedding, I was sitting in my living room in Jackson, Tennessee. Needless to say, both of our lives look completely different now!

Laura and Charlie got married on a beautiful, windy, salty day in Galveston at the San Lois Resort, which I would definitely consider living in and pretending to be a rich, oil tycoon. It's just the swankiest. And let me tell you about these people- totally top notch. Just the kindest, most loving people. The bride's uncle offered to hold my camera at one point and said "Get out there on the dance floor!" and the best man got my pregnant self a bottle of water and was literally the nicest. It's so wonderful to meet wonderful people. Also, huge shoutout to Laura and Charlie for trusting me to capture your big day. I appreciate you both so much! Cheers to you, Broadways!