new | day after sessions!

... or should I say 10 months after! I was so thrilled to photograph our dear friends Neli and Skyler as they are soon to celebrate one year of marriage.

I'm equally as thrilled to announce that I've added day-after sessions to my wedding packages for 2017!

Guys, this is a good idea. If you are new to the whole "bride" thing and haven't experienced a wedding day, let me just tell you: things can get a little rushed. No one means to. We all set out with the perfect schedule and I ALWAYS add in buffer time because someone is ALWAYS late. But sometimes, even the best planned days get rushed, and the precious time for bride and groom portraits can get tossed out the window.

Thats when a day after session comes in SO handy. You aren't stressed out because the linens are wrong and the florist was late and your crazy cousin Susan is losing her mind again. You can let your hair down, not be worried about dirtying your dress before the reception, and just ENJOY!  I can honestly say I WISH I had made my husband do a day after session before we decided to have a sweet baby that would make my wedding dress, shall we say, a little snug. 

In celebration, I'm offering $100 any wedding package if you book by this Friday (February 3)! 


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