atascocita family session | stafford family

When I'm shooting, I really enjoy exploring spaces with my clients and allowing locations to work in an organic, unplanned way. This is pretty much working exactly opposite to my normal personality. Everything in my body and mind shouts "MUST CONTROL THE SITUATION" about ninety-eight percent of the time. But really, things just really seem to flow better if I engineer the session as a long, slow-paced walk with some pictures thrown in there, instead of picking out each and every vignette beforehand. And what's better than a walk in the woods or down and unfamiliar (and hopefully safe) street? It's fun to do something different or see a new space, notice the way the sun hits the trees or bounces off the lake, look (carefully!) into the mysterious knot in the tree, and watch a turtle sunning on a log. 

That being said, I'm not sure everyone shares the same enjoyment of walks. Sometimes, grass is itchy and tall, or there are mosquitos (RUN AND HIDE). Maybe it's hot or too windy or too sunny or too ANYTHING. But, my little friend Colton here definitely shares my love for a good walk. He found every stick, seed pod, and cool leaf in this "picture park" (his term to describe the park where we take pictures. COME ON, so cute). He described the bugs that we saw as "mother nature," as well as the mud and the grass and the crane in the pond. What was just a normal nature park in Houston turned into a magical place to explore and run and play. 

Isn't that the best thing about kids? They take a normal thing and make it an extraordinary event. Sticks become swords, seed pods become baseballs, leaves become sails for a boat, and everything is special and wonderful. OH, to be like a child. To cast aside worry or fear and just be creative and awestruck and alive. Too bad no one warned us that growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be.