simply sweet proposal, kingwood, texas | zach and shelby

This proposal has been a well kept secret for a long time now and I'm BEYOND excited that I don't have to lie anymore. A couple of months ago, Zach showed up at our house with a little box and a huge smile on his face and he told us that he was going to be proposing. After having a celebratory whiskey with Kyle, we started scheming about when and where he would pop the question. A couple of weeks later, we walked around the park and planned out where exactly he was going to get down on one knee and Zach got antsy just talking about it. And finally, after many sneaky meetings, phone calls, and texts, these two are ENGAGED! 

Proposals are just the absolute best, right? Everyone has shaky hands and the biggest smiles. And I'm not even going to pretend that I got a little teary eyed. Love is just the best. Congratulations, Zach and Shelby!