lake tahoe engagement session | hunter + daley

We took a vacation with my family to Lake Tahoe this past month and spent our time hiking and adventuring. Which, if you know me, is kind of a nightmare. I'm deathly afraid of heights and really anything adventurous, so it definitely wasn't my idea of a good time. We did one hike that was distinctly more dreadful than the others. Everything started out moderately okay, but by about one mile in, my husband had gotten separated from the group with our food, water, and diapers in his backpack and part of the trail was a scramble up a waterfall made up of giant, slippery boulders. By three hours in, I was crying hot and angry tears as I crossed a log precariously balanced over a river with a twenty pound baby in an Ergo strapped to my chest. It wasn't my finest moment. Shortly after, we reached a gigantic, beautiful waterfall that was truly so magnificent and beautiful, but I honestly barely remember it because I was still so angry about the whole journey up there: how scared I had been, how ticked I was that my husband had gotten lost, and how generally sweaty I was. We never did make it to the summit of this hike (THANK THE SWEET LORD JESUS), and we turned around early and headed down the mountain. Everyone blamed the incomplete hike on snow up ahead and babies that needed naps, but honestly it was probably because everyone was tired of watching an adult cry on the side of a mountain.

I eventually managed to find myself a Starbucks and ordered a grande iced mocha to calm myself down and try to forget about the whole thing. But you can bet that I recommended this very hike to Daley and Hunter, because they are actually adventurous and great. These two cuties met up with me at Lake Tahoe for a quick little engagement session and they are getting married in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. Sound the alarms, people! Let's all hope and pray that your travels may always be smoother than mine.