2018: year in review

two thousand eighteen

one of my favorite things to do is reflect. it actually becomes a problem sometimes, I like it so much. this year was very big year for us personally: we moved to a new city and added a whole new person to our family. while these are both amazing things, they have brought on their fair share of challenges. starting over is hard, but God is so faithful. he has met us here in amazing ways and provided for our many needs. i’m so excited to be booking more work locally, and grateful for our new friends and our sweet boys (it’s still so fun to say things like “boys” and “kids.” I can’t believe there are TWO of them!)

as much as I love reflecting, I equally love dreaming and looking forward. we are gearing up for 2019 and i’m so excited to see what is in store for us there. i’m personally praying for new clients who will become friends, a healthy home, and a heart of joy. I’m already imagining what it will be like to be filling out the blog for 2019, and I have a feeling that it’s going to be beautiful.

thanks for being great, friends.