christmas wedding, twin lakes wedding center | ropesville, tx | lindsay+spencer

Lindsay and Spencer’s December wedding was the absolute best way to get amped about Christmas. Give me all the lights, christmas trees, evergreen, and plaid. Here are a few of the highlights:

  1. the look on Spencer’s face when he saw Lindsay walking down the aisle. cue all of the tears.

  2. root beer floats instead of champagne? GENIUS. well, anything involving bluebell is a good idea. still waiting to see if I can be an instagram influencer for them. (jk, but that would be my dream life.)

  3. the sky. how is it so big and grand? no one does a sky quite like Lubbock, and God was really showing off for Lindsay and Spencer.

now to start counting down for next christmas. only 298 days to go!

Jordan MitchellComment