chappell hill wedding | bethany+cody

There are about 8 million things I loved about Bethany and Cody's sweet church wedding in Chappell Hill. But I'll just narrow it down a little bit for you:

1. COORDINATING COUSINS: all of the little cousins showed up to this wedding MATCHING. suspenders and all. you guys, I just DIED. they were so very sweet all lined up in a row together during the ceremony, and playing around the yard during the reception. sorry, Bethany, that all of your wedding photos are of children. oops. 

2. venue: after the ceremony, the bride and groom hosted the most intimate reception at Bethany's late grandmother's coffee shop on Main Street in Chappell Hill. it was the most beautiful space, but more than just aesthetics, you could actually feel the warmth and love that had been poured into the building. 

3. family, family, family: some of my favorite images from the day were of Bethany's mom putting on her necklace. it was the necklace that she wore on her own wedding day, and there is just something that is beyond words about the legacy of a marriage that has stood the test of time. both Bethany and Cody's family (and friends) were beyond hospitable and welcoming. 

I could go on and on for days, but I'll cut it off there. I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to photograph such a special day (and so many cute children.)

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