downtown galveston wedding | chelsea + micah

How did you two meet? 

Funny story. Chelsea attended Houston Baptist University with her best friend, Andy. One ordinary day (January 20, 2016 to be exact), Chelsea and Andy decided to go to Andy’s sister’s ministry, RUF, at the University of Houston. They go, they havea great time worshipping Jesus and meeting new people at RUF … when Micah notices a new face in the room … it was Chelsea. Mind you, Micah didn’t plan to attend RUF that night because he had a night class and usually couldn’t make it. But he happened to get out of class early, and he slipped in late. As for Chelsea’s memory, she looked back when Micah entered the room and had a quick glance at him, but wasn’t even thinking about “that” sorta thing. Meanwhile, Micah was like 87% sure he just laid eyes on the woman he’s going to marry. It was legit “love at first sight.” But as the story goes, Micah never actually introduced himself to Chelsea that night. He’s a stalker, that way. Fast forward to the next morning, Micah couldn’t get over Chelsea and her quirkiness. He needed to meet her. So, what does a college guy do? He throws an “RUF” game night party at his apartment in order to lure Chelsea over, so that the two could meet. It worked, of course. Chelsea fell into the trap that was asweet, quirky, fun, and mature-young Micah. From there, the story is history. 


What was most important to you as a couple as you were planning your wedding? 

First things first. We wanted something simple, classic, and above all, we wanted Jesus to be seen and heard, above all the noise of decorations and extravagance that come with contemporary, American weddings. That said, we’d say the other most important thing was making sure our wedding had an atmosphere filled with love, fun, laughter, and downright laidback-ness. 


What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Chelsea: GETTING MARRED TO MY SUPER HANDSOME, QUIRKY, NERDY, AMAZING BEST FRIEND, duhhhh. Lol but really. I’d have to say that one of my favorite parts of our wedding day was having all of the people that mean so much to me, in one place. Literally, if I could see everybody that was at my wedding every day, life would be even sweeter than it already is. And Jesus was there in the midst of it all. That was special for me; my people were there to witness the love of God that was shown to Micah and I. The whole wedding was magical. I was in awe the whole night; I loved every single detail about it. 


Micah: Is “everything” an answer? Yeah, probably not. By far, my favorite part was hearing people understand the gospel as they congratulated me and Chelsea throughout the night. As we said before, we aimed to make it clear that we can only love “because He first loved us.” Everybody’s remarks that night held traces of gospel truths, and to me, that is pretty freakin’ awesome. Besides that, obviously, my favorite part was seeing my smokin’ hot bride walk down the aisle in pure perfection.

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