henkel hall wedding, round top, texas | jaclyn + kenan

What was the most important thing to you when you were planning your wedding?


It was really important to us to incorporate communion and a unity braid to symbolize keeping God at the center of our marriage, into our ceremony. It was also important for us to have our officiant be someone we knew personally.


What was your favorite moment of the day?


Kenan: The exchanging of vows, because they made it real. It was at that moment that I realized the weight and magnitude of the promise I was making to my best friend- to always love her and care for her and be there for her. It meant a lot for me to give that promise and receive the same promise in return.


Jaclyn: After our ceremony, we gathered with our bridal party in this little chapel on the venue grounds before taking pictures with everyone. There, our best man told me how he had never seen someone express such pure, genuine joy as I had when walking down the aisle. I realized, as I saw Kenan at the end of the aisle, that I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace of joy at the thought of becoming his wife.


 What song did you chose for your first dance and why?


We chose "La Vie En Rose" by Louis Armstrong for our first dance. When choosing a song for our first dance, we realized we didn't really have a song that was "our song", but throughout our relationship we have had a lot of "Oh my gosh, me too!!" moments when realizing some random thing we had in common. Discovering our shared love of this song was another of those sweet moments, so it just seemed appropriate as our first dance. 

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