pearland engagement session | katie+omar

Some of my worst childhood memories stem back to the gym. Okay, not this kind of gym, but my elementary school gym. I'm terrible at sports. My mom told me that I "lack hand-eye coordination," which could not be more accurate. And if you know me at all, you know that I am incredible sensitive, which I've heard isn't the best trait for athletes. I cried in PE all the time, like I'm sure almost every day. I was so embarrassed by my horrible volleyball serve, my inability to actually kick the ball in kick ball, and my air balls in a basketball game. Hoops for Heart was my NIGHTMARE and I dreaded field day. 

So, when Katie told me she wanted to do her engagement session in a gym, I have to admit that my armpits started sweating profusely. I walked into that joint feeling SO out of place, and looking so out of place too. I think they could sense that I haven't been to a gym in probably three years. Also, turns out, most people don't bring their Nikon to work out (weird, right?) But, I think we can all agree that the discomfort was SO worth it! I love how unique and FUN this session is. Katie and Omar met on leg day at this very gym, so it could not be more tailored to their love story. (Oh and sorry to both of yall for freaking out when you were doing squats. WITH WEIGHTS PEOPLE, WHAT IS THIS VOODOO MAGIC?!)

But for real, congratulations Katie and Omar for the engagement and for being forty times more physically fit than I will ever be!

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