sugar land engagement session | gentry + brady

Houston after Harvey has been hard. In preparation for this session, I took some time to drive by some of my old shooting locations and was absolutely devastated. Neighborhoods and parks that had the most beautiful fields and forests seriously looked like a scene from The Walking Dead. Picket fences are up in trees. Spray painted signs that say “loot and we shoot” line the street. Entire lives heaped in piles decorate lawns. Absolute devastation around every turn. 

Anxiety doesn’t begin to cover how I felt about finding a location that would work for this session, coupled with the overwhelming guilt for just being concerned about work at such a time as this. (side note: remember, I’m an enneagram four with ALL OF THE FEELINGS)

But then I look at these images and I’m reminded of the goodness here. God has not abandoned us in a time of tragedy and despair. In fact, He is so very near to us. He draws us in and whispers reminders of love and hope. In fact, what better time is there to celebrate joy and love and two people brought together by God’s perfect plan! 

Here’s to you, Gentry and Brady! 

Jordan MitchellComment