What do I wear?

First of all, it’s so important to be yourself! Steer clear of overwhelming patterns or neon colors, large logos and athletic fabrics (ie: underarmour polos, etc). Textured fabrics always photograph well. Bring along an extra outfit to add some variety: maybe one dressy outfit and one casual. Accessories add variety as well, especially hats. Ladies, if you want to wear heels, bring along an extra pair of sandals for walking. Bonus points if you pick an outfit that makes you feeling amazing and super confident!


Do I pick the location?

Got a special location in mind? Let’s use it! If you don’t have anything specific in mind, let me decide and I’ll find somewhere awesome that you’ll love!


I’m not a model and don’t like having my picture taken. Do I need to practice poses?

No way! It’s my job to make you comfortable and look great in your photos. All you need to do is show up looking and feeling your best!


Will you give us all of the pictures?

I go through all of your images and pick the best of the best. I never give out raw images, only ones that have been carefully selected and edited.


How will we get our final images?

Your final images will be online and you will receive a link to your galley via email. From there, you can download, share, and print!


How do we pay?

You can pay via cash, check, or PayPal.