cumberland house wedding, jackson, tennessee | emily+grant

How did you and Grant meet?

Grant and I presumably met during elementary school in Jackson. We don't really remember each other then...we just know we went to the same school and were in the same grade. However, we do remember eighth grade because that's when we "dated." We went separate ways for high school (yet still occasionally saw and talked to each other), and reconnected in college. We dated for over seven years after that.


What was most important to you when planning your wedding?

Little details about the wedding were the most important to us. We aimed for a simple wedding, though I'm not sure we achieved that vibe or not. (Oops.) We wanted the "little things" that probably didn't mean a lot to most people to be perfect because they meant a lot to us (e.g., the choice and timing of the processional song, our inside jokes that the officiant referenced in the ceremony, the placement of the re-purposed windows and doors, favors for the guests, etc.)


What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Grant's favorite part of our wedding day was seeing me walk down the aisle (He said it, not me).

My favorite part was all of the "day-of" stuff. I liked having the butterflies in my stomach all day, I liked the frantic last-minute decorating, I liked having to hide from Grant once I started getting my hair and makeup done, and I liked the feeling of eagerness walking down the staircase in full-on dress, hair, and makeup. I think all of the pre-wedding fun was my favorite because it led up to the biggest event in my life, thus far. I look back, and the wedding itself was a blur. But I vividly remember the day's events and emotions leading up to 4:00

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